Vitiligo Pictures

Vitiligo, a common skin disorder caused by gradual lightening of patches of the skin cannot be fully understood without a visual appreciation of this disease. The vitiligo pictures and images shown below help someone to be able to easily identify a Vitiligo sufferer.

Vitiligo is a skin disorder that does not choose its sufferer and from the images below you can see that Vitiligo sufferers are from all regions of the world, all skin types and all ages. You will also notice from these images that the areas of skin with Vitiligo are the same texture as the normal skin with the exception of their lighter coloring.

Vitiligo on the face

This caption shows a young boy with Vitiligo on his face. It is concentrated primarily on one area of the forehead and spreading into the hair. Notice also the hair with Vitiligo is white in color as opposed to her natural chocolate colored hair. He is of light complexion so the Vitiligo appears pinkish on his forehead skin.

In this caption this dark skinned gentleman had Vitiligo scattered all over his face. The areas most affected are around the eyes, the tip of the nose and around the mouth. Since his skin is dark it is easy to identify the Vitiligo as the pinkish patches of skin on his coffee brown complexion.

Vitiligo on the lips

The Vitiligo here is on the lips and you can see this from the irregular outlines on the lips of this person. It seems to be localized around the lips only on the face.

This lighter skin sufferer has Vitiligo not only on the lips but on large portions of the face as well. This can be seen from the pinkish skin coloring above the mouth and cheeks. Traces of the original skin are only seen under the chin.

Vitiligo on the neck

This caption clearly shows the Vitiligo localized on one area of the neck. The skin here is lighter in color than the normal skin.

Although this victim has Vitiligo on the neck, you can notice that it has spread to the earlobes and chin.

Vitiligo on the chin

This caption shows Vitiligo localized on the chin in the lighter skin patches on the bearded portion of the skin.

Vitiligo on the eyelashes

This young victim has Vitiligo on one of her eyelashes. It is denoted by the clear white pigmentation on the eyelash of her right eye.

Vitiligo on the eyebrows

This dark skinned victim has Vitiligo on one side of her face. It can be seen by the white skin patches on her eyelash and eyebrow of her right eye.

This lighter skinned sufferer also has Vitiligo on one side of his face i.e. on the left eyebrow. This eyebrow has turned white as compared to his darker eyebrow on his right eye.

Vitiligo on the hair

Although this victims’ Vitiligo is in small light patches all over the face it has spread into the hair just above the right ear. The white hair is as a result of Vitiligo and not the aging process.

This young sufferer has Vitiligo on his forehead and hair. The forehead Vitiligo is just below the patch of silvery white hair. This Vitiligo seems localized in that area only.

Vitiligo on the hands

This victim has Vitiligo on the tips of all their fingers. These are lighter in color than the normal skin color.

Here the Vitiligo is on the palms (although it is difficult to see because of the palms’ natural lighter color) and the wrists. The wrists are clearly lighter than the normal skin color which is chocolate.

Vitiligo on the elbows

This Vitiligo is widely spread along the hands upto and including the elbows. It has encompassed the full hand and runs along the out bone of both hands including the elbows. The face also has Vitiligo on the nose and around the mouth.

Vitiligo on the legs

The Vitiligo here is on the knees and shins. It is spread in many irregular sized lighter skin patched along the shins and knee caps.

Although this sufferer has tried to conceal the Vitiligo with tattoos, you can still clearly distinguish it as the lighter patches on this olive colored skin.

Vitiligo on the feet

The Vitiligo here is denoted by the pinkish colored lighter skin patches around the ankle.

This light skinned sufferer has Vitiligo along the inner heel of this left foot. This Vitiligo is the very white skin patches found along the length on the foot.

Vitiligo on the back and torso

The lighter skin patches on the neck and back of this sufferer clearly shows the Vitiligo on their coffee brown complexion.

Although the skin here is much lighter, the Vitiligo is seen in the scattered lighter skin patches on the back, which are predominantly on the left side.

This female sufferer has extensive Vitiligo all over her torso. It starts at the arm pits, the breasts especially around the tips and the stomach area. The pink skin patches are the Vitiligo.

Vitiligo in children

Even the very young are affected. In this photo you can see the middle child has Vitiligo localized at her face almost covering it. The darker skin on her neck is her normal skin color.

Vitiligo in animals

Even animals are not exempt. You can see this cat has extensive white patches of fur on an otherwise jet black fur coat.

This dog has Vitiligo on its ears, neck and legs. The white skin patches on the black fur denote the Vitiligo.

Vitiligo on famous people

The late King of Pop had Vitiligo. You can see it on the left part of the left eye and on the forehead. It is also claimed that his son Michael Joseph Jackson has the same condition.

Holly Marie Combs, a famous actress in the USA also has Vitiligo. It is difficult to see it here.

Vitiligo is also inside the body and most images on his are very private in nature. Inside the body Vitiligo can be seen on the rectum, scrotum and in the mucus membranes of the nose, mouth and eye.

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