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Elizabeth Branson, Atlanta – USA I am 39 years old and have been suffering from Vitiligo virtually all my life. I have literally been through hell and I was getting a bit fed up of trying out all the different treatments on offer. I was almost giving up until I tried Vitilax. To be sincere I was very skeptical about the outcome because I had been given the same promises before over and over again.

I must say that many Vitiligo products out there are total duds and should be banned from the market. Anyway, when I began to use Vitilax I did not notice the results until a few days later when it became apparent to me that my skin was changing. I couldn’t believe it and every night I was checking the bathroom mirror to make sure that it was real. I would wake up every morning and rush to the mirror to make sure I was not dreaming.

I did this for about 2 weeks when I realized that it was real. You see my Vitiligo is spread all over my body and nay sayers kept telling me that this type can only be cured by bleaching. Bleaching! Hell never, I want to keep my skin as God intended. It seemed he intended much more because my skin is almost back to normal as the pigment has been slowly coming back and it becomes more and more difficult every day to discern the Vitiligo patches.

Nadia Naveed, Oslo - Norway My Vitiligo condition is not very severe but it is on my face. Being a Muslim helps because I can cover my face with a hijab. This however does nothing for my self esteem which has been shattered by this ugly condition. I have been told that I am cursed and Allah hates me and that is why he gave me terrible skin. Being a woman has not helped me because by now I should have been married but I am too shy to leave my parents house despite their assurances.

We have tried all kinds of remedies and some of them made my skin even worse. I feel as if I have been depressed since this condition struck me at the tender age of 20. My life has been downhill from there. Is there any Vitiligo treatment that I can use that will not affect me negatively? I kept wondering and praying daily. My sister told me about Vitilax a month ago and the good things it was doing for people. I decided to use it since I had nothing to lose which I had not already lost. Allah be praised! My skin looks positively divine! I have a beautiful face. I can now remove my head covering in the house without getting stares from my younger siblings.

Steven Worthington, Southampton – UK I developed Vitiligo on some sensitive parts of my body when I was an adult and already married. My wife left me because she thought that my condition was contagious. She left with the kids. One of my daughters seems to be developing the condition as well. My wife blames me for everything because she thinks I brought this condition on myself.

I have pounded the pavement looking for cures for this condition. I only wanted natural cures because I was told that they were the most long lasting. I have tried an endless variety of natural cures and the results have not pleased me at all. This has made me feel terrible and inadequate as a father and spouse. Every time I think that my skin is returning I see otherwise. As I was browsing the net the other day I came across an advertisement for Vitilax.

What I read was very encouraging and so I decided to give it a try. Believe it or not but my wife and kids are back to stay. My skin is also back to stay. So far so good and from what I have read I am expecting the best as I keep using this wonderful tonic. Thanks Vitilax, you gave me my life back.

Brendan Fraser, Sacramento – USA Vitilax is the answer to my Vitiligo problem. I have suffered from this condition every since I was a kid. It started as a small white patch then slowly spread all over my body. My mum kept me away from school many times because of the jibes of other kids. I kept asking her why I was different but she kept insisting I was special. I didn’t feel special at all. I felt cursed and looking like a freak.

Ever sine I was a young boy my mother would try many home made recipes because she believed that these could cure my Vitiligo. None of them worked and I kept telling her to try other medication but she would here none of it. You see my mum does not believe in conventional medicine. I stayed with my Vitiligo condition for many years and I would only notice it when people stared and pointed at me.

One day my work mate came with a small container for Vitilax and told me that it would make me better because it had worked on his wife. Like my mother before me I was very skeptical and decided to use it on only one part of my body. Wow! I didn’t know my skin was so beautiful. I have started using it all over my body and the results speak for themselves.

Vivian Renata, Saragosa - Spain My skin is a beautiful olive brown. I have the advantage of having beautiful sunshine to keep it tanned to perfection. I know this because I feel as if I have been reborn anew. My Vitiligo was my curse. I hated myself and my skin. Why was I not as beautiful as my other Spanish friends with their dark hair and great looks? I have tried all kinds of hyped Vitiligo cures. I say hyped because they never delivered on all the hype.

It was a disaster moving from one product to the other. For many years I was house bound and I only went to church to pray that God may make me die from my curse. He did not answer my prayers. All my sisters got married and I became an old maid and a doting aunty. This was until I met Vitilax about 3 months ago. The person who referred it to me was my parish priest at church who had heard about it from another parishioner. Because of his kind words I applied the oil without much hope. Within a week I could not believe my eyes. I even went to show him the results which did not surprise him at all. My life is back to normal and I am looking for a good Spanish man to marry because I know it is never too late for a beautiful woman.

Chipper Cassidy, Vancouver - Canada Vitiligo on my dark skin stands out like a beacon. My Vitiligo seemed to be getting lighter at the time went on until it was completely white. I resembled a cow or maybe a zebra with black and white markings all over me.

Whenever I would go out without protective covering kids would tell their mamas that they had seen an alien. Nobody wanted to touch me because they feared that it was contagious. Such few people know about Vitiligo and it is a darn shame. My support group back at home saved me a lot of headaches because it was here I could go to when I just could not go on. This support group has now changed into a celebration group. One of our members introduced us to Vitilax sometime ago and some of us began it the same evening. Amazingly the results began showing after only a few short days.

The skeptical members quickly cam on board and I can say we are in various stages of recovery. We have become die hard supporters of Vitilax because it changed us from a whining group of losers into a winning group of super achievers. I would recommend Vitilax to anyone out there reading this.

Jennifer Anderson, Brisbane - Australia Until a few short months ago I hated my skin. I am a young lady of 25 years and my life has never gone beyond my Vitiligo skin disease. It was horrendous and patchy looking. No amount of make up could make me feel better because I knew deep inside I had this scaly skin that just could not be acceptable to anyone when I washed off the makeup.

One day in a fit of despair, I decided to browse for Vitiligo cures online. I had done this many times but I could not bring myself to make the required purchase, maybe it was the fear that it would make my skin worse. When I came upon the site for Vitilax I read through the content and decided to make the order. Up to today I do not know what prompted me to do this. May be it was my angel. Any way a few days later the package was sitting at my doorstep. I looked at this innocent looking pack and decided since I did not want to waste my money I might as well use it.

I always read medical instructions properly and followed them to the letter. That was a few months ago. Today I am a new person with a new job and new friends to boot. I look totally fab and like to dress in the latest fashions.

Bobby Sox, New York - USA When you have Vitiligo in a city like New York, it is like coming from another planet and landing on earth. New Yorkers are generally cold and unapproachable and when you have a condition like mine you’re seen as a freakazoid. I started getting Vitiligo when I was a young man of about 23 years on the tips of my fingers and toes.

Initially I thought it was because of place that I was working. A very enthusiastic attorney pushed me to sue. I did not go ahead because I did not want to become a media spectacle with my skin and all. The lawyer was not pleased but I ignored him. I studied online about my condition and realized I had Vitiligo like my grandfather before me. What a stroke of bad lack that this disease had to come down to me? I kept on reading about the endless cures provided for the condition.

At first I wanted to seek medical treatment and visited the doctor. The medicine he gave me made me itch and I stopped it immediately. I had heard that there were natural cures for Vitiligo that was working wonders. So I went back to the same doctor to recommend a natural cure and he gave me Vitilax. My life is back to normal and the doctor tells me that my skin looks as good as new. Keep up the good work.

Lana Shanks, Los Angeles - USA I was told that my Vitiligo gets worse in the sun. In California with the excellent beaches and surfing this is a punishment. I had to change my lifestyle because of Vitiligo and I adopted a hermit like existence from my house to work. I missed the surfing which I had become quite good at after a few lessons. Why me? I thought. Why here? I wondered. I am not the type to mope around for long so I decided since I was housebound most of the time I might as well get online work.

I did it quite well because here no one needs to know how you look as long as you produce great work. During one of my many breaks I saw a small ad for Vitiligo herbal cures. I decided to take a quick look. The quick look lasted about one hour because I read all about the cures and decided to buy a product called Vitilax online. It arrived almost the same day in the evening and after a quick bath I decided to commence using it. The instructions are quite easy to follow.

That was a Monday and by Friday I could not believe my skin. It had started returning and even my friends were noticing the difference. As I am telling this I am on the beach getting ready to pull in a big wave and win the surf championship trophy this season. I would not be here if it was not for Vitilax.

Burt Lancaster, Melbourne - Australia I have had Vitiligo forever. 3 of my uncles on my mother’s have Vitiligo and so I was not very surprised when I saw the condition on my skin. We have managed to live with it without a lot of focus and I have not seen any of my uncles attempt to look for a cure.

They believe that if that was how you were created then that is how you should stay. Of course I do not believe that crap because I can’t imagine God would want me to suffer like this. My mom keeps telling me to get a nice girl to marry. Which girl will want a man with dubious skin? She will fear for her kids. This made me do some serious research about natural cures for Vitiligo. I did not need to go far because Vitilax seemed perfect for me. I bought it and brought it home secretly.

I applied it and I was the most shocked when my skin starting showing signs of returning. It continued until everybody began to notice and I had to let go the secret. My uncles have been using Vitilax for many months now and as each is cured they come to show me. It is hilarious to say the least but no one can keep good news to himself.

Jennifer Langley, Texas – USA I have studied Vitiligo extensively because I got this condition as a young child and swore to myself that I would one day become a doctor and find a cure. It seems Vitilax beat me to it because it is an excellent Vitiligo cure. I got it when I went visiting one of the many natural products store in Houston. I was just waltzing along the aisles and there stood Vitilax very modest looking.

When I asked the attendant whether it was good for people like me, she told me that that was the last bottle and they needed to reorder because it was moving quite fast because of the good reviews. That was all I needed and I bought it on the spot. Surprisingly it is very affordable. When I started applying Vitilax my skin started showing some signs of refilling after 2 days only. I had thought that it would take very long but the results kept showing themselves every day as I woke up. I was so happy I wept with pure joy.

My dream of pursuing medicine has taken on a new force because if people can invent such good cures like Vitilax then there should be more doctors around advocating for its continued use. Keep up the life changing work Vitilax.

Lester Saxony, Ontario - Canada I am a teenager with Vitiligo. I am in high school and I am the target of every bully in site. I hate it and I feel like quitting school. If this bullying becomes unbearable my parents will have to transfer me to another school. This has been happening ever since I was a kid.

This was my sad story a few weeks ago. One day last fall when I was on detention my buddy Castor told me about this herbal Vitiligo treatment called Vitilax. I did not listen to him for a minute until he told me about his uncle who had Vitiligo. Caster is African and he showed me photos of his uncle before and after the treatment. I was totally taken aback so I decided to see this for myself. I think castor had told his uncle I was coming be cause after explaining he handed a newly purchased bottle of Vitilax. I used it and after a few days starting seeing my skin bonding like Castor’s uncle’s skin.

As I continued my skin I back to normal and the bullies are too intimidated to bully me again. I feel on top of the world and I have even joined the soccer team at school. I have too many chicks to count. Keep on keeping on Vitilax.

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