Natural Treatments Of Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a degenerative skin disease that creates white patches on the skin. It is not infectious or contagious. It is widespread since it affects both males and females equally. It also affects young children but is not common with infants below 1 year. Vitiligo sufferers experience a wide range of emotional conditions including depression, stress and paranoia. These conditions are very negative and if they persist act as a catalyst in spreading this disorder. Vitiligo sufferers are encouraged to seek treatment for their condition.

Treatments vary depending on the wallet and exposure to other adverse effects. Skin disorders like Vitiligo are known to have their origins inside the body within the autoimmune system. Because of this, Vitiligo sufferers are encouraged first to take natural treatments to treat this skin disorder. The benefits of natural treatments are many including;

  • There is a wide selection of natural treatment methods available for the Vitiligo sufferer to choose from.
  • They are both short and long term in nature and produce positive outcomes when used consistently.
  • The positive effects also last longer.
  • They are safe and have virtually no side effects. This gives the sufferer peace of mind.
  • Vitiligo sufferers are encouraged to lead healthier lives. This does not only benefit the Vitiligo but the whole body and mind as well.
  • Many natural treatment methods offer a money back guarantee hence further promotes the confidence of the Vitiligo sufferer in using it. Many of these natural treatments are affordable.
  • They are easy to use and many contain very simple instructions that anybody can follow comfortably.
  • They do not contain any chemical substance at all. This makes them easier to use because many people are apprehensive about using chemical products on their skin because of the possible adverse side effects.
  • Many also offer permanent cures to Vitiligo sufferers.
  • Many are internationally certified to be useable as a treatment option for all Vitiligo sufferers.
  • They are easily and widely available to Vitiligo users both offline or online.
  • Many have testimonials to prove their effectiveness. These testimonials include photos showing results before and after treatment. They also have written testimonials of success for their particular treatment method. This gives Vitiligo sufferers more security when using their products.

 The options available for the natural treatment of Vitiligo include;

  • Assessing the diet and knowing what to eat and what not to eat – here cold foods and phlegm producing foods are not recommended. Some foods that may produce changes in the blood are fish, beef and also mixing heavy and light food simultaneously. Phlegm producing foods are dairy products, citrus products, cashew nuts, melon and Chinese dates among others. If these must be taken then they can be taken in smaller amounts.
  • Foods that are beneficial for Vitiligo sufferers include, turnips, almonds, drumsticks, fenugreek, papaya, potatoes, grapes, apricots, mangoes, dates, walnuts, pistachio nuts, red pepper, chillies, beet root, onions, spinach, bitter gourd, French beans, pure ghee from butter, wheat, pulses and Indian millet among others.  
  • Natural Food supplements – these are natural products manufactured by pharmaceutical companies that contain essential vitamins, some of which have disappeared from our diets. The aim of these food supplements is to return the body to its original healthy balance. Once the body is balanced it shall be able to perform its work adequately and keep diseases away.
  • Herbal oils and creams – these are widely available in the market. These are special oils and creams manufactured specifically to treat Vitiligo. They are normally applied to the patches of the skin affected by Vitiligo. These have varying results that begin to be seen in the short or long term. For example Vitilax™.
  • Vitiligo organic treatments – these are herbal based organic products produced by some pharmaceutical companies worldwide. They promise similar results as the herbal oils and creams.
  • Oral solutions – these are solutions made from natural products that are ingested orally into the body. Their main aim is to begin the cure from inside the body by stimulating the skin cells to produce melanin. These are taken over the long term and produce varying results depending on the sufferer. Oral solutions can be made at home or bought from a pharmaceutical company.
  • Taking a bath twice daily to stimulate the skin – Vitiligo sufferers are encouraged to take particular care of their personal hygiene. Bathing is an excellent way to keep the skin clean, fresh and breathing. The action of rubbing the skin with soap activates it to keep doing its work and maintain the natural balance of the body.
  • Sunbath only for 10 minutes every day – natural sunlight in measured doses is excellent for the skin. This is especially true when used in conjunction with many natural treatment methods. The main idea here is for the sufferer not to expose themselves to excessive amounts of sunlight.
  • Vitiligo ayurvedic treatment – this is an ancient form of natural treatment that starts at the mind level and uses herbs on the body level. The main idea here is to seek the root cause of the problem and cure it and then subsequently handle the symptoms. This form of natural treatment has been used for centuries in Asia to heal Vitiligo and many other ailments thus promoting the overall health of the body. This natural treatment produces its best results when conducted by an expert.
  • Vitiligo homeopathy treatment – this form of natural treatment aims to slow down the progression of Vitiligo on the body. This form of treatment is better when started in the early onset of Vitiligo. It produces its best results when conducted by a specialist in this area.

Natural treatment methods are very popular as treatment methods for Vitiligo because they benefit not only the skin disorder but the whole body as well. When the mind and body of the Vitiligo sufferer are healthy it is easy for him or her to lead a more productive life.

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