1. Does it really work?

It is a simple question but is difficult to answer it. Vitilax works 100% but in different cases it seen in different progress. In the beginning of Vitiligo, when it has been present for less than one year, enhancement will be seen within two several weeks of starting natural therapy. The effectiveness is over 90%. For moderate situations of Vitiligo, in which the white-colored areas protect less than 5% of one's body system, enhancement will be seen approximately 3-4 several weeks of starting the natural therapy. For severe situations of Vitiligo, in which the white-colored areas protect over 7% of one's body system, results will be seen in 4-6 several weeks after starting the natural therapy.

This is because the complicated systems of human system engaged in condition creation are still not completely recognized even to the contemporary researchers. We know a lot but we do not know a lot more. Then there are biological variations among people, races and areas which may have a keeping this dieses and its improvement.

2. Will it cure my Vitiligo?

Different people use the word "Cure" in different sense. Some thinks cure mean finish treatment of sickness from the body system, while others are worried only with re-pigmentation of the current areas. If you think to completely get rid of this dieses so it is little bit complicated matter. Vitiligo results from a derangement of your normal protection systems against disease. The body starts generating antibodies against color generating tissues of its own skin. No certain causes are known, but inherent gift has a role. This is a generic problem of your protection systems, and there are currently no appropriate lasting means to stop this process. Once the color has been renewed regionally, it remains there. There have been no reviews of regional loss in color after effective therapy.

3. How Vitilax works?

All herbs obtain testimony from the record of their achievements and protection in hundreds of years over centuries (This is usually enough for most people because they usually select this choice only when they have had no fortune with the prescribed medicine).

It is still almost difficult to provide medical details for the procedure of activity of any natural solution for any objective. The day such systems are recognized with certainty; the solution shall begin being ranked as a medical item in complying with medical concepts of medication, as has occurred with opium and digitalis.

4. Can I use sun block during the treatment?

All regional medication used for re-pigmentation of Vitiligo / hypo-pigmentation, such as Vitilax will need some level of because for their achievements (direct or indirect). It is hence recommended that you do not use cover up or sun prevents to allow sufficient contact with sunshine.

5. Can anyone marry a person suffering with Vitiligo?

There is no medical reason from avoiding any one to marry from any Vitiligo person. Because it is not a communicable condition and cannot propagate to the partner. It may also be essential for you to observe that Vitiligo shall not cause any actual harm to the patient as well. The White-colored epidermis areas are only an aesthetic issue which may or may not cause to psychosocial pressure, and that is all!

6. Will Vitilax affect all over the skin?

No it just affect the defected areas and has no side effect for the other parts of skin.

7. Does it safe to take over this medicine so long?

Yes it is safe. It made of herbal ingredients it has no side effects from long time use. You may also experience some energy level benefits.

8. Can I use it with other medication?

Yes because it is made of all natural ingredients it doesn't affect with other medicines.

9. Can children use Vitilax?

Yes, it is very secure for kids to use. Simply adhere to the suggested kid's dose in the guidelines. Please contact us for guidelines before providing Vitilax Supplements to kids under the age of 6.

10. What will it occur if I quit getting Vitilax?

Usually, you will stay at the level at which you stopped getting the Vitilax; however, it is possible to encounter repeat of the Vitiligo.

11. Do I need to keep getting Vitilax Supplements when I see sufficient improvement? 

Yes, you can keep getting them until your complexion is repaired.

12. Can I take Vitilax Supplements when I become pregnant?

There are no known adverse reactions to pregnancy; however, it is NOT RECOMMENDED that you take this item while you are expecting.

13. What will be the best advice for diets to overcome any skin disorder?

Don't use spices, chicken, meat and artificial color while for complete diet plan consult your local doctor.

14. Has UV light any part in Vitiligo treatment?

UVB and UVA are used in the therapy of Vitiligo as well as many other epidermis problems. Both can however cause epidermis uses up and regional response, but many believe UVB to be a prospective threat for melanoma.

15. Is it a thing tattooing for Vitiligo?

Tattooing is used as a cover up strategy, but it is done with synthetic pigmentation which is treated into the epidermis. The precision of shade go with shall rely on the expertise of the individual doing it. There are threats of serious infections distributing through tattooing as well due to the common un-cleanliness of the procedure. Vitilax however revives your organic pores and epidermis.


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