Cure Of Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a skin disorder that creates white patches on the skin. These white patches can appear at an early age and progress as the sufferer continues to grow older. Young children may not be very ware of their condition although this changes as they continue to grow. This is because of the difference of their skin and that of their normal skinned counterparts. They may experience various emotional disorders such has frequent mood swings, depression leading to very low self esteem. Some may become so distraught that they go indiscriminately for any treatment method promising a cure. Vitiligo victims need to be patient and emotionally sable when looking for a treatment that will look like a cure.

There are many vitiligo treatments available that promise to cure this condition. It is important to note that there is no known cure for Vitiligo that has been internationally accepted and acknowledged. The cures that are normally lauded by various pharmaceutical companies may be subjective in nature and although some can be long term, others are very short term. Furthermore, some so called cures reverse and create worse conditions for the victim. Some Vitiligo sufferers have been known to experience their skin getting back its own pigment naturally.

The cure for Vitiligo can be seen in 2 main ways. Firstly, is with the objective of removing the Vitiligo skin condition completely from the victim. Secondly, is with the objective of getting back the original skin color. The methodologies used to achieve these 2 objectives are different and depend on the Vitiligo sufferer, his or her specific Vitiligo condition and the medical doctor handling that particular condition.

In as far as completely eliminating Vitiligo is concerned; there is no treatment that has been known to eradicate or eliminate Vitiligo totally. This is because Vitiligo is caused by a complex combination of factors hence no specific factor can be pinpointed as the culprit. Extensive research has been conducted in understanding this skin disorder when it actually occurs but the real cause and cure for it are still in the future.

Vitiligo, once it has started cannot be annihilated. This does not mean that the Vitiligo sufferer cannot eradicate the white skin patches caused by this disorder. The market is awash with a very wide variety of treatments and medicines whose main aim is to darken the color tone of these white patches and even out the general skin tone all over the body. The treatments for Vitiligo are generally long term in nature and the cure is slow in progress. This means that Vitiligo victims must exercise patience and maintain a positive mental health attitude whatever the outcome.

Although Vitiligo affects 1 in every 100 people, it is fairly common but it is still a complex skin condition. This is because most Vitiligo victims are ignorant about the possible causes of Vitiligo. The main factor pinpointed as contributing to the Vitiligo is the lack of skin cells producing enough melanin for the proper pigmentation of the skin. This is the reason why many treatments for Vitiligo target the activation of these skin color producing hormones so that they can produce melanin. Melanin is vital for giving every person their normal skin color. This color is very important because it protects each person from the intensity of the sun in whichever part of the world they reside. Hotter areas have darker skinned people whereas colder areas have lighter skinned people. 

Another main promoter of Vitiligo is the stress that it creates. This stress is caused by the individual perceiving themselves as inferior and also the society who stigmatize and ostracize Vitiligo victims. Some victims even believe that they are cursed. This stress and anxiety enhances the Vitiligo by increasing the size and spread of the white Vitiligo patches. When this stress is addressed and controlled then the Vitiligo can also be slowed down in its progression and spread. A good place to start is by using support groups. These are organizations composed of other Vitiligo victims at different stages who assist other sufferers understand their condition and still continue to appreciate them as they are. Vitiligo victims are also encouraged because they see that they are not alone with their condition.

Support groups have been known to be a good way to begin the healing process for the Vitiligo sufferer. Treatment options for Vitiligo that can offer solutions that return pigment and resemble a cure are;

  • Skin camouflage– where the white patches are coated with colored creams and lotions that resemble the victim’s natural skin color. These are cosmetic in nature and temporary.
  • Treatments whose main objective is to reverse the changes in the victim’s skin. These treatments are called immune-modulators and they serve to slow down the Vitiligo spread by suppressing the immunity system.
  • Bleaching treatments which are ideal for Vitiligo victims with the white patches on over 80% of their body surface. This treatment bleaches the whole skin so that it appears all white in color.
  • Using sun blocks for Vitiligo victims who are exposed to high intensity sunlight. It is important that the white Vitiligo patches of the skin are not exposed to direct sunlight as this could lead to far worse effects such as skin cancer.

Vitiligo victims when looking for a cure may appear desperate. This desperation can be taken advantage of by some providers in the market peddling fake Vitiligo cures. They manage to sell some of these fake cures by taking advantage of the ignorance of many Vitiligo victims. The best plan of action for a Vitiligo victim to take is to get very well informed about their condition to be aware that there is no cure, then to look for a treatment whose main objective is to return the skin color back to its normal tone.

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